A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Earth is long dead. Colony ship malfunctioned and exploded. Escape pods are scattered in space.

It seems like you had more luck than others. You got a rescue-shuttle, you can save people and continue to establish a new colony.

But fuel is limited and a shuttle can carry only five pods. Survival and a future of the colony depend on your choices.

Navigate with WASD. Radar on the right shows escape pods nearby. Read a summary on survivor and make a decision. You can come back later but keep in mind fuel is exhausting.

Hyper-jump to the destination planet then done or any moment. Depending on your choices, colonies can die or build different types of societies. There are multiple endings. Several initial failures are expected.

Bugs are expected, numerous typos and russian-english. The game was produced by a company of 6 strangers in 48 hours during the Gr8ArtGames gamejam in Novosibirsk, Russia, 6-8 October 2017.

The game done through collaboration and discussions by(in alphabetical order):

Alexey Grishchenko - lead, game-design
Anatoliy Sulaev - texts, music
Anton Grebennikov - 3d art, programming
Evgenii Koduhov - programming
Irina Butkovskaya - 2d art
Sergey Kovalev - gamedesign, management

developers commentary:





Five - Latest version (win32) 35 MB
Five - Latest version (mac) 39 MB
Five - main theme(soundtrack).mp3 7 MB
Five - gamejam version(for archive only).zip 35 MB

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