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In this game you control a space shuttle on a rescue mission. You can freely navigate in open space until the fuel runs out. There are escape pods marked on radar and as you get closer you get a profile for survivor. It's your decision to take this person aboard or not. But you have only 5 slots, you must choose wisely. The future of a new colony depends on your choices!

FIVE was developed by a company of 6 unfamiliar people in 48h during 'Gr8ArtGames' gamejam in Novosibirsk, Russia on 6-8 of October 2017.

The game done through collaboration and discussions by: 

Irina Butkovskaya – 2d art
Anton Grebennikov – 3d art, programming
Evgenii Koduhov – programming
Anatoliy Sulaev – texts, music
Sergey Kovalev – management, game design
Alexey Grishchenko – curation,  game design

developers commentary:





Five - Latest version (win32) 35 MB
Five - Latest version (mac) 39 MB
Five - main theme(soundtrack).mp3 7 MB
Five - gamejam version(for archive only).zip 35 MB

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